You’ve found the home you want to buy. Now choose the way you want it inspected. We offer three different Home Inspection Packages that allow you to select the range of services you prefer, so you can have peace of mind about buying the home you love.

We professionally inspect residential single and multi-unit homes, apartment buildings, and light commercial office/retail buildings within 2-4 hours by utilizing the ASHI Professional Standards of Practice.

Clients are encouraged to attend and participate in the inspection of their home. During the inspection we will highlight the home’s strengths and/or improvements needed to help save you money and time in negotiations.

Upon completion, a computerized Inspection Report will be printed and emailed to you on-site. All information is provided to you in a customized binder for easy reference, enabling you to make a confident, informed decision about the home.

Your binder will also include:

  • A Seasonal Maintenance Checklist
  • A Personal Home Filing System
  • A Repair Cost Estimate Guide

Our Added Services Menu

Wind Mitigation Inspections

We recommend a wind storm mitigation completed to ensure that the home is receiving the best possible discounts on the homeowner’s policy. The wind mitigation is the only way to receive valuable discounts on the homeowner’s policy. The major components looked for in a wind mitigation is Hurricane Shutters, Roof Geometry, Roof Covering and Roof to Wall Connection. If you are unsure if your home requires a Wind Mitigation it is best to call your insurance agent.

Four Point Inspections

Four Point Inspections are typically required once the property reaches 25+ years old for most insurance companies. The Four Point inspection reports on the age/life expectancy and condition of the Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and the Roof. It is a separate report from the home inspection and a simplified version (synopsis) of our home inspection. Please call your insurance agent to find out if the Four Point is required on your home.

Pool and Spa Inspections

We evaluate the condition of all accessible pool and spa components. We identify items that need repair to make the pool operational, safe and reasonable to maintain. We also note the condition of the fence, gates, walkway, pool perimeter, deck, rails, coping, lighting, structure, and other items of possible concern. Digital photos are taken to assist us in composing the inspection report as well as recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

Well Inspections

Many homes in Florida use wells as their primary source of water. Well equipment is often neglected as it is sometimes out of sight and out of mind. We conduct an inspection of all visible equipment including electrical equipment, valves, plumbing, pumps, aerators, reverse osmosis systems and timers to ensure there is no damage to the equipment, no leaks and that the equipment is operating as designed. We also give advice on maintenance and repairs if needed.

Chinese Drywall Inspections

Chinese Drywall (or corrosive drywall) refers to defective or tainted drywall imported from China from 2004-2007. The drywall emits sulfur gases which usually (but not always) create a noxious odor and corrodes copper and other metal surfaces. Chinese drywall can damage the air conditioner, electrical wiring, copper plumbing, appliances and electronics.

Water Quality Testing

Some FHA and VA loans require water testing. Samples are taken from the residence to the lab for analysis. The turnaround time for lab results is 72 hours. The water is tested for Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Nitrate/Nitrite, Total Coliforms and Fecal Coliforms or E-Coli.

Mold (Air Quality) Testing

Florida is the perfect climate for mold to thrive all year and can cause year-round allergic problems. Molds grow in many colors, including white. “Black Mold” is not a species or specific kind of mold, and neither is “Toxic Mold.” How mold affects a particular individual depends on how sensitive that person is to mold.

Did you know: Mold has been found to germinate, grow and produce spores in as little as 24 hours after a water leak?

Dock/Davit/Boat Lift Inspections

We conduct a visual examination of the dock to ensure safety as well as operate any boat lifts/ davits that are attached. We can give a recommendation on maintenance as well as identify any items that would require repair to ensure your boat, and you, safely stay out of the water.


A visual examination of areas to be determined by the client designed to evaluate whether work requested in a contract addendum has been completed in a satisfactory manner. A copy of the contract addendum and the client, or the clients, representative must be present during the re inspection. A re-inspection report will be issued at the conclusion of the re-inspection.

Allergen Testing

An Allergy is an exaggerated immune response to a substance. People and pets can be allergic to almost any substance. However, there are common allergens that a high percentage of allergy sufferers react to when exposed. An asthma attack can occur when you are exposed to things in the environment. Your personal triggers can be very different from those of another person with asthma. Try to avoid triggers.

Some of the most common triggers are:

  • Dust Mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are a small insect that prefer to feed on human blood. They live in and around where humans live and are not always found in beds. We can perform a vacuum test in and around where possible infestation could occur and send the sample to a 3rd party, accredited, laboratory. Results are provided within 3 business days of testing.

Clandestine (Methamphetamine) Lab

Homes that were previously used for producing methamphetamines (meth) could pose a potential health risk for new buyers. We perform tests that are sent to a 3rd party, accredited, laboratory and the sample results are provided within 3 business days of inspection.